Thursday, April 12, 2012



cmoore/cvo said...

J Compere...SMASHING CARTOON TODAY! I see that my first comment did not get posted. So, again, I suggest a sequel publication to this cartoon (column or pamphlet with outstanding examples) : TITLE>>>>> The CVO G-T : Utilization of a New and Innovative Approach to prose, grammar, spelling and PROOFREADING.

JMC said...

Thank you "Unknown" if indeed that is your real name! Yup, each time I run across a story in the GT that is cut off just a couple of words before the end I can't help myself - I have to take out a pen and write in likely endings. On the other hand, they get out a vital local paper, their absence would be missed, and I have no idea how they do it with such a small staff. Actually early on I did a 'toon on this subject, located approximately here: