Thursday, February 16, 2012



Anonymous said...

J Compere . .
A most brilliant cartoon. Keep GRoots alive- also utilize Powell's for research and for more local purchases and book returns (free postage via USPS w/ nominal limits)

AMAZOFF !! Your # 1 fan . . . CMoore

JMC said...

Thank you CMoore! The actual reason for this 'toon is I read a newspaper's coverage of working conditions in an Amazon warehouse - it described a
veritable slave operation, put me right off Amazon, I'll tell you.

...I don't get how a company can be so successful and yet treat their own people like this.

Grass Roots Books & Music said...

Thank you for supporting your local bookstore!

Would you mind if we share it with the independent bookstore community? We would love to send it to Shelf Awareness and the Northwest Booklovers Blog, both well-read by indies like us.

Thanks for your work! I enjoy it!

Pamela at Grass Roots Books & Music

JMC said...

Thank you Pamela! ...I've sent you an email w/attachment at groots (at) peak dot org. Hooray for local bookstores!